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Real Talk

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Real Talk is…

An affirmation that all people have a sexuality

Adults with cognitive disabilities are experiencing their own sexuality, but may not be getting information or acknowledgement about this experience.

Every human being – whether sexually active or not – has a sexuality. It’s part of being human. Sexuality can bring connection, isolation, joy, trauma, pleasure, guilt, excitement… often it’s a combination of things.

What if we affirmed this experience instead of avoiding the subject?

A conversation about dating, love, relationships and sex

Lots of adults with cognitive disabilities are interested in having romantic and sexual relationships, but it’s rare that these relationships actually happen.

Within certain age groups, adults with cognitive disabilities have higher rates of sexually transmitted infections than the general population. At any age, adults with cognitive disabilities are at greater risk of sexual abuse than the general population.

Open communication about sex and relationships improves interpersonal skills, increases the chances of positive romantic relationships, and reduces the risk of STIs and sexual abuse.

Sexualized imagery is prevalent in our society, but real talk about sexuality is often absent. What if we started talking?

A celebration of the sexuality of adults with cognitive disabilities.

Often the subject of sexuality arises for adults with cognitive disabilities because a problem occurs – perhaps someone is acting in ways that bother people, or perhaps abuse has happened. What message are we sending by waiting until a problem arises before talking to people with cognitive disabilities about sexuality?

Often the subject of sexuality is taught in a classroom like math. What kinds of experiences have people with cognitive disabilities typically had in classrooms?

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