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What Degrees of Change
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Programs & Platforms
Kudoz is an experience platform connecting people with and without disabilities to splendid things to do, together.
Real Talk
Individuals & Circles, Programs & Platforms
We are a sexual health initiative aimed at people with cognitive disabilities and their supporters. We host educational/social events where people can have open, honest conversations about dating, love, relationships, and sex.
Fifth Space
Helpers & Brokers
A new set of HR routines for growing staff capacity to test ideas, fail, and try again. Fifth Space gives staff, at all levels of the hierarchy, one day a week for curated learning and experimentation. Staff form mixed teams, identify pain points, do original research, and test homegrown solutions.
Building Caring Communities
Body and Soul, Helpers & Brokers, Programs & Platforms
Building Caring Communities Why Build Caring Communities The people we support in services are often socially isolated. This can be shown in surveys and quality of life indices, particularly for persons with developmental disabilities. At the same time, there is considerable research that shows that social relationships are critical to our physical, mental and economic […]
Grounded Space / Social R&D
Helpers & Brokers, Individuals & Circles
rounded Space is Canada’s first collective of social organizations pooling resources for continuous experimentation, or what we call Social Research & Development.